Slash Your Rates, Not Your Coverage: A Deep Dive into CURE Auto Insurance

Car insurance – it’s a necessary evil, a pesky little expenditure that never goes away and feels less like a protective shield and more like a ransom demand. But what if insuring your vehicle did not have to feel as though it was costing you an arm and a leg? What if a company existed that was turning the model on its head, making it a top priority to offer fair pricing and a return to good, old-fashioned driver-based rates? Lucky for you, such a company exists – CURE Auto Insurance. Let’s take a look.

CUREing the Problem of Unfair Rates

Traditional auto insurers factor in credit score, education, and even zip code when setting a customer’s universe. This business model has led to clean drivers suffering from heavily inflated prices based solely on mere circumstance. CURE has recently developed the perfect solution to this algorithm. CURE Insurance. CURE gives the finger to the traditional model and opens with one simple yet profound belief.

Driving history truly dictates the cost of insurance, not census. This method is a beacon of hope for drivers everywhere who crave and wish to live under a driver-first ruleset. CURE promotes drivers to engage in safe and responsible driving; in return, they receive significant discounts that make CURE the most appealing to those with a clean record.

More than Just Affordable: A Glimpse into CURE’s Products

CURE provides affordable coverage – that we now know – but is that the end of it? The answer is, quite simply, No! CURE provides a range of services available to the residents of any of the three states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Thus, CURE provides the following products:

Liability Insurance

Bodily injury to others $15,000, $30,000 and $5,000 in property damage


$500-$1000 for damage to other object


$500 – $1000 for non-collision damage

Uninsured or Underinsured

$15,000, $30,000 for bodily injury

Finally, CURE notes a variety of add-ons that you might be interested in, depending on your particular conditions. Firstly, there is “Roadside Assistance,” a 24/7 emergency service. If you have no other option but to call them, they will cover the first $50 of your expenses.

Secondly, did something bad happen to your car, and now you lack one? CURE will pay up to $50 per day for car rentals and up to $1,500 for unexpected expenditures if your car is stolen. Lastly, there is “Medical Payments;” no matter who caused the accident, CURE will help you with your medical bills.

CURE understands that being a modern driver means doing a lot of unusual things such as managing everything in a mobile app. Hence, they have developed a fully-functioning mobile application that lets you quote, pay, file, and do all that you must when away from a computer.

Community-focused approach

Focuses on safe driving and rewarding responsible drivers. In connecting all drivers, CURE has developed a sleek in-browser platform that allows you to manage your statements and quotes. The need-to-knows are quick at your disposal, and the actions are one-click, so you will not need to spend hours learning it. But what if you get in an accident?

Tired of unfair rates that keep stacking up? Talk to the friendly staff at CURE Auto Insurance. You can even get a quote for free and see how much you’d save.

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